Make it a Cashmere Christmas


It’s certified as the world’s best and finest cashmere …

Someone who knows I adore cashmere, its softness, warmth and sheer luxury …

and how it makes me feel when I slip it over my shoulders, told me about an American company that was able to bring 500 sweaters

knit in the World’s highest rated quality cashmere here – to America – in time for Christmas 2013.

These sweaters are being produced by The Cashmere Farms from the finest Mongolian cashmere available anywhere at any price.

But they are only making 500 pieces.

Two silhouettes have been produced, a v-neck and a cardigan. The offer is only for ladies. Sizes will be s,m,l,xl and three colors will be

offered – white, silver grey and black.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these sweaters, if you would like to see the silhouettes and colors being offered or if you would

like a swatch of this super plus + cashmere to feel for yourself why this offer is so exceptional, click on this link

I am so excited to be sharing this with you because cashmere, like diamonds, is one of life’s true luxuries…and best investments.

However, until now, there was no way of knowing the grade or rarity of the cashmere you were getting…

Now, getting the best cashmere is as simple as buying the best diamonds…all you have to do is look for the Cashmere Farms label.

And the price is surprisingly frugal.

The Frugal Snob

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