Happy Thanksgiving from the Frugal Snob – Day Two – The Food !

Forgot to tell you what I wore ! Also forgot to credit Thomas Keller so reposting now …

the frugal snob


What an amazing meal.

The Frugal Snob Family has outdone itself this year with a memorable event showing once again that

demanding the best at the best price,

paying attention to every detail,

using the best ingredients thanks to the experts at Whole Foods Market , D’Artagnan Foods, and Callebaut Chocolate

respecting the experts like Robert Parker at The Wine Libray and being thankful for master chefs including Julia Child, Thomas Keller, and even taking a few tips from  America’s Test Kitchens  – pays off.

Here are pictures of the dishes as we served them –

Contact us for the recipes. We are happy to share.

The next three days are the real payoff for cooking and eating a home –

Oh…the leftovers !

The Frugal Snob and Family

P.S – wore the most amazing cashmere sweater  – a gift from the people at Cashmere Farms – reserve one yourself…

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