How can you recognize the best cashmere?


No matter how much money you have, everyone wants to get value for their dollar.

I’m the frugal snob. I want the best at the best price I can get it for.

I love luxury. I love shopping. I love beautiful things. I love great wine. I love great food. I cook because I love to eat. When I buy wine, I follow Robert Parker’s recommendations. If his wine is rated 93 – I know – before I uncork the bottle – that my money is well spent.

Everything valuable is rated. Diamonds are rated. Coins are rated. Coffee is rated. Cheese is rated. Dogs are shown and rated to the most defined breed standards.

So how about clothes. I am interested in investment dressing. I have spent my money on Hermes scarves, on Cartier watches, and even pined for a Birkin.

But when it comes to cashmere, I am still searching for answers. Do I really have to spend $1500 for Loro Piano ? And how do I know that sweater is as good at the advertisements say it is. How can I recognize the best cashmere ?

I have heard that hair from a baby goat is no softer than hair from an adult. I have heard that cashmere from Scotland uses yarn from China so what – really – is the different ?

Is there a rating system for cashmere?


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